Rehearsed the battle set tonight…getting everything right down to the second! Sounded decent, but felt odd, like I was trying to fight the drums instead of playing them smoothly. I guess we all have those days, right?

Tonight was also my first band rehearsal with a new sampler. Kinda struggled with it, too. It’s always exciting to get new gear, but frustrating at the same time because, well, it’s not the old familiar gear! I’ve still got a few things to level out and sounds to resample, but overall, the new sampler is an awesome machine!

The next few weeks look to be busy for us! The battle in Somerset  is Friday. Then we have a few weeks of working on new material before returning to The Attic in Lexington at the end of January. There’s also talks of getting back into Groove Studio in the coming weeks to record “Across the Earth” (my favorite)! A few other surprises are in the works too, so stay tuned.

Well, I’m off to do some sampling!


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