Back in the swing of things!

After a couple of weeks off, we were back at it again tonight! We just finished our first Clear Channel battle set rehearsal. It sounded pretty right-on! The songs are in order, so now it’s getting them machine-tight! Expect a full 20 minutes of sound!!!

In other news, The Seas (and also my artwork) were featured in an article in the Manchester Enterprise this week. I’d like to thank Morgan Bowling for the exposure!

Finally, there’s nothing like brand new gear! I just received a new DW 9000 remote hi hat today. It’s supposed to be a Christmas present, but I’ve already got it out and assembled. It has so many cooler (and easier) features than my old one. I’m so glad I decided to replace the old one instead of trying to fix it! Now, if I could only talk Santa into the new Roland sampler….


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