…and back to work we go!!!

Wow! What a ride the last few weeks have been! We’ve played a couple of great shows over the last month or so! The first was the TGOT & Friends Festival in Lexington. What an awesome time! We got to hang out with some cool people and watch some super-great bands. The latest was the Jubilo Music and Arts Festival in Richmond, Ky. Once again, we got to hang out with some cool people and watch some killer bands. Our very own Logan Powell even got to introduce Unknown Hinson! Is that cool or what!!!???

Now that the Jubilo Festival is over, we are going to take a few weeks and work on new material. We have countless hours of music to sort through and piece together. I am confident that most of the new record has been written, we just have to arrange and finesse all of these pieces into actual songs. We have 3 new songs already written, the newest of which came into being last night at rehearsal. Like the last album, the songs range from atmospheric and ethereal to noisy and heavy. I am eager to see what the next few weeks produce!!!

Stay tuned…

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