New Music!!!

We have taken a few weeks off from gigging/rehearsing to concentrate on writing new material. I am super happy to say that we are the parents of two brand new songs…both very different from each other but both very much “The Seas!” The tentative titles of these new additions are “The Hunter” and “Battle Cry.” The first seems to be an exercise in opposing sounds…textural and atmospheric, then soaring and powerful, then digital and glitchy, and finally quiet an subdued. The latter is exactly what the title suggests, a battle cry. It’s a pretty heavy-duty track…driving and powerful with just the right mix of atmosphere and dynamics.

It’s been very inspiring going to rehearsal and just being creative. We are working on two or three other new songs right now as well. Hopefully, in a few more weeks, I can give you a hint of how the other songs are sounding!


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