Good stuff coming up!!!

Man, it was good to get back in the rehearsal room Friday night. We’ve been super-busy the last few weeks recording and playing shows, so being back in the rehearsal room felt like home. One of the cool things that comes from long drives to gigs is that there’s time to discuss ideas. One of the ideas that we discussed became reality Friday night as we worked up a cover of the Knack’s “My Sharona!”  If you’ve seen us live, you’ve probably seen us play a cover or two, but this one is different. Every cover that we’ve done in the past has been very close to the original, but we took this one and made it our own. It’s probably my favorite cover we’ve done! It’s very much a Seas song! You will hear soon!

Another thing you will hear soon is our new single, “Across the Earth.” I just got word from Cecil at Groove Studio that we should have it back this week! I am beyond excited for you all to hear it…heck, I’m beyond excited for ME to hear it.

As for what’s ahead, we’ll be spending the next few weeks writing. We have A LOT of very good ideas to sift through and flesh out.  I can’t wait to get in there and get to work!!!


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